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Book a deep-dive 30-minute call to discuss your business idea or existing business with one of our team, we'll get to know you and your business and see if you would be a good fit for the program. 
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what is The Business Circle, and who is it for?
(for Those who prefer to read!)

The Business Circle is a comprehensive business coaching program designed to help individuals with a business idea or a struggling business start their venture quickly.
The program's primary goal is to guide participants from the initial stages of their business to generate their first £50,000 in sales.
I know that the early stages of starting a business can be the most difficult for some.

Often you have no plan of how you are going turn your idea into a long-term business, you have tons of ambition but no idea how to fulfil it, you have no one around you who can help and support you and you're struggling to make progress.

This is common, and it isn't because are a bad businessperson. I've been there and I know what it is like!

If you're at the stage where:

  • You're a Start-Up Business Owner In The Very Early Stages of Business
  • You've Already Launched Your Business But Are Struggling To Make Progress
  • You Have An Amazing Business Idea But Don't Know Where To Start
  • ​You're Stuck In A 9-5 Job And You Want To Quit And Turn Your Idea Into a Full-Time Business
Join The Business Circle To Turn Your Frustration And Overwhelm Into Success And Achieve Sales of £50,000

How the business circle will help you

  • Set Yourself Up For SUCCESS - Learn the Business Foundations In-Depth
  • ​Possess The Life-Long INVALUABLE SKILL of Running a Business
  • ​Know Exactly What To Do, Step-by-Step - and Get It Right FIRST TIME
  • ​Full Support From Our Team of Expert Coaches Ensuring You CANNOT Fail
  • ​Generate Your First £50k In Sales
  • ELIMINATE The Noise - We'll Show You What You Need To Do

what is included in the business circle?

Business Circle members receive the full support of our coaching team for a full 12 months to help them plan, execute, and reach the goal of generating their first £50k of sales.
The Business Circle program offers a comprehensive approach to coaching, mentoring, and training, aimed at assisting members in achieving business success. It revolves around our Business Foundations Six-Step Plan, providing detailed training, mentoring, and coaching to effectively guide participants in executing the plan.

the business foundations 6-step plan

Our approach is effective and focused, revolving around 6 fundamental questions that form the backbone of any successful start-up business.
  • Who is your dream client? Understanding this will form the basis of your business plan as tailor your strategy to the clients you seek to serve.
  • What are you going to offer your ideal client? We'll help you develop your products and services so you become the ideal choice for your market.
  • Where do your clients reside? We'll help you pin point where your clients are so you can target more effectively and increase efficiency.
  • Which sales process should you use? It's not just about planning, we also focus on execution. Replace the fear of sales with a process that makes it easy to acquire clients.
  • How to create a compelling and magnetic message that makes your ideal client want to do business with you.
  • How many conversations do you need in order to make your first 50k? We'll guide you in quantifying your success, so you know how much you need to do in our to get to your first major milestone.

world class training, online and in-person

As a Business Circle member, you will immediately benefit from all the coaching and support you could ever need:
  • Instant Access to the Business Circle System
  • ​​Welcome Strategy Session
  • 6 Full-Day Group Coaching Events at the Big Business Events Head Office
  • 6 Deep-Dive Virtual Mastermind Sessions
  • 52 Virtual Check-In and Accountability Sessions
  • ​Weekly Group Strategy Sessions
  • 3 Private 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with our High-Level Coaches
  • Full Community Skool Online with Coach Support

who is the business circle 'not' for?

The Business Circle is a training program for business owners at the beginning stage - if you are already turning over in excess of £100k and your business is succeeding, Business Circle is not for you (you need Gold Circle!)

what will happen on your call?

Rest assured, this isn't just another dressed-up sales call masquerading as a strategy session. Instead, it's an opportunity for a seasoned coach to truly understand you and your business, evaluate your current standing, and provide strategic insights into what your future could look like.
At the conclusion of our conversation, the ball is in your court. You can choose to forge ahead solo with the newly acquired insights or opt to join forces with us.

Either way, it's a win-win situation!

There's absolutely nothing to lose, and an entire world of business potential to gain.

So, if you're all set to transform your brilliant ideas into a flourishing, long-term venture, let's get the ball rolling. Just hit the button below to schedule your call.

We're excited to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey!
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